Your Remote Housing
Afognak Leasing has many years of experience at providing successful housing options to its clients in the resource development industry. From our living facilities and operations and management, to our flexible leasing or purchase solutions, we consistently provide options that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Floor Kits & Composite Mats

The Dura-Base Composite Mat System has significantly outperformed the typical two-ply wooden mats which have been used for years.

Shops and Pad Space

Afognak Leasing, LLC is in the process of constructing a 20+ acre gravel pad, the Cama’i Pad, to support operational and logistical needs of various North Slope oil and gas operators.

Other Support Facilities

We are currently looking for tenants interested in shop space in Deadhorse. If interested, please call, Nick Walker, Facilities and Marketing Representative: (907) 242-2615



We consistently provide our clients options that enable them to provide Class A housing in the most remote areas on the North Slope or elsewhere in Alaska and the Lower 48. This comes from working with our client’s in-house team to develop strategies and a variety of options to fulfill the project housing requirements that save our clients both time and money, and maximize efficiency for housing needs satisfying either short or long term housing requirements.








Exceptional Service. Proven Results.

Afognak Leasing and its Executive Management Team are proud of the business reputation of excellence that has been established on the North Slope and elsewhere, which has resulted in many projects that were sole source awards. These awards were based on Afognak Leasing’s history of effective schedule execution, competitive price, efficiency, safety, and project performance.


Alutiiq Center
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