Shops and Pad Space

Cama’i Pad

Afognak Leasing, LLC is in the process of constructing a 20+ acre gravel pad, the Cama’i Pad, to support operational and logistical needs of various North Slope oil and gas operators. The footprint is located entirely within the Resource Development District (RDD) of the North Slope Borough (NSB), approximately 16 miles from Kuparuk Operations Center (KOC) and 42 miles from the boundary of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. The Cama’i Pad project will eventually comprise a total of 21.88 acres, constructed over a period currently planned to extend 5 years in the following phases .


Crazy Horse Pad

Afognak Leasing, LLC recently acquired the Crazy Horse Pad and the facilities on the parcel. 


Afognak Shop (Located in Deadhorse)

We are currently looking for tenants interested in shop space in Deadhorse. If interested, please call, Nick Walker, Facilities and Marketing Representative: (907) 242-2615