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Afognak Express Hotel

Newly remodeled in 2015 with the addition of single status rooms, the Afognak Express Camp has become the leading choice in accommodations while staying in Deadhorse. The facility was originally completed and installed on site in 2008 with a brand new kitchen and dining room as of January 1,2010. Conveniently located near Lake Colleen, the camp is in close proximity to the Deadhorse Airport. In addition to being convenient, this location is VERY private and quiet. The entire backside of the camp is surrounded by tundra and the front of the camp is a gravel pad with little or no activity and no major thoroughfares creating traffic or noise. This serenity is a rarity in Deadhorse and few other facilities in the area share this unique retreat-like feature. These attributes really do make a difference for the guests’ overall level of rest and enjoyment while living in the camp. Contact us today to make reservations: Call: (907) 670-1123 | Email:

Highlights of the facility and services offered included are:

• Newly Remodeled in 2015

• Very private and quiet

• Convenient location

• Ample parking—conveniently located to entrance/exit

• Bull rail with plug–ins

• Large quiet bedrooms—single and double status

• Flat screen televisions—1 per bed

• Satellite television service

• Large mudroom area—with lockers, benches and hooks, for gear and clothing

• Offices

• Kitchen—commercial grade

• Large dining area with two large screen televisions

• Spike room—with high quality food items and baked goods open 24 hours

• Exercise room and equipment

• Laundry area

• Bathroom facilities

• Wireless internet throughout facility